How it works


Find the property you want in

  • First, install the Chrome Extension Here
  • Let the Chrome Extension to recognize it. Then, click on the yellow button
  • Give Flipeer couple minutes to preapare a detailed study
  • Click on "your study is ready" button
  • And, register!

Check the
Details tab

  • Get the best ROI
  • We suggest you the price you can sell, after flip
  • Get suggestion on how to flip (adding beds or baths)
  • Interact with your team by adding comments to a potential listing

Get the best and relevant

  • Get the list of comps
  • You can include or exclude comps to get a personalized ROI
  • It helps you understand what comp is relevant to fix, extend or contruct

Go to
Smart Analysis tab

  • Compare different flip scenarios by ROI
  • Personalize project attributes such as flip duration and price to offer
  • Add expenses and investment to your project planning
  • Check your project cashflow